Fallen Souls

The Outworld Ranger crew has dodged government forces, criminal guilds, and bounty hunters numerous times since fleeing Ekaran IV. But with the warships of the Dark Messiah closing in on them, their mission has never been in greater jeopardy.

Cornered, their options and allies are few. And the Outworld Ranger suffered extensive damage getting them this far.

To make matters worse, an unexpected tragedy has plunged Oona, the young hyperphasic messiah, into her Trial of Corruption. With ancient evils threatening to rise once again, humanity is in dire need.

If the crew can’t reach the mysterious genetics facility that disappeared when the Benevolence fell, then Oona won’t be the only one in danger of losing themselves to darkness.




The Benevolency Universe

For over three thousand years a superintelligence called the Benevolence guided humanity through an age of unprecedented peace, prosperity, and technological advancement. Now, a century after its collapse, our enemies multiply as we struggle to maintain our starfaring civilization and recover technology we once took for granted. But the Benevolence kept many secrets to itself, secrets that could shape the future of humanity

1) Which Outworld Ranger book should I read first, ONE or ZERO?

Either one.

They were written at the same time, so either one can be read first without giving away spoilers about the other. Book One: Rogue Starship was originally intended as the entry point for the series. However, Book Zero: Forbidden System was originally intended to be a prequel short story and written as a world building exercise. Clearly, it got away from me a bit.

2) If Forbidden System is a prequel, do I need to read it?

Forbidden System may be a prequel to the Outworld Ranger series, but it works as an excellent starting point for diving into the books. Plus it has a lot of important backstory, both for the world and the characters. So you definitely should read it. You just don't have to read it first.

3) Why does the cover say that Forbidden System is Book Zero but Amazon says that it is Book 1?

That confusing bit of numbering is because Amazon does not allow authors to add prequels to a series (or books between books, like a book 1.5). The only way to get Forbidden System to appear on the Outworld Ranger series page is to shift the numbering in their system.

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've followed David's series a since the start and a awaited each book with anticipation . As a fan of Star Wars I can say that this story from start to finish has all the necessary components for a true saga tale.

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