Chains of a Dark Goddess

Nations will kneel in the face of a father’s undying love.

Breskaro Varenni was a hero and a legend, the greatest knight of the age. Then his most trusted friends betrayed him to the swords of infidels and his goddess abandoned him, denying him Paradise. So, in death Breskaro wandered the Shadowland until a dark goddess offered him the one thing only she could give, the one thing that still mattered to him…

A chance to save his precious Orisala from a fate worse than his own.

Returned as a wreck of embalmed flesh animated by sorcery, with a host of the desperate and the undead under his command, Breskaro will do whatever it takes to save Orisala, no matter the odds and no matter the consequences.

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Tales of Pawan Kor

These Dark, Epic Fantasy tales of revenge and redemption span an ancient world of powerful magic where heroes conquer kingdoms and slay gods. These are tales of epic swords and sorcery in the tradition of Brent Weeks, Robin Hobb, Joe Abercrombie, and David Gemmell.

Each stories is set in a different part of the of Pawan Kor, during different parts of its history. While there are common threads and themes woven through them, all the Tales of Pawan Kor stand on their own.

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the Pawan Kor series is exciting, thrilling, suspenseful and just really super fun to read. You find yourself getting lost in the pages.

Alan Smithee
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