David Alastair Hayden

author of heroic fantasy adventure novels for adults and young readers
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White Tigress Now On Kindle!

Posted on Jul 1 by

Wrath of the White Tigress is now available on Amazon! Read a sample on Kindle for the Web! He thought he was a hero. She showed him the truth. Now he’ll do anything to stop...


The White Tigress Comes For You!

Posted on Jun 25 by

Galactus would never select me. I’m a terrible herald. Norrin Radd I am not, though I, too, seek Shalla-Bal. I have been sitting on important news, failing to alert you,...


Storms, Stories, and Typewriters

Posted on Jun 23 by

The power went out here after a storm yesterday afternoon. A small storm. We live deep in the woods. Lots of places where a tree could strike the lines along the way. We were...


THOR: A Mighty Marvel Movie

Posted on Jun 2 by

By the hoary frost of Heimdall’s beard, THOR is the mightiest Marvel Studios film yet! Well, I think so anyway. What’s not to like about a movie that is, to put it simply, an...


Dice in the Red Box

Posted on Mar 22 by

For RED BOX Adventures I decided to keep dice types needed to a minimum: just d6′s and d20′s. The original edition of D&D primarily used these two types, with a...