David Alastair Hayden

author of heroic fantasy adventure novels for adults and young readers
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The World of Kaiwen

Posted on Aug 27 by

It may not be blatantly obvious to you, dear reader, not at this point anyway, but The Storm Dragon’s Heart (SDH) and Wrath of the White Tigress (WWT) are set on the same...


My Writing Process

Posted on Aug 14 by

This is excerpted from my interview with David Wisehart on Kindle Author. DAVID WISEHART: What is your writing process? DAVID ALASTAIR HAYDEN: These days, I get up, climb the...


White Tigress Now On Kindle!

Posted on Jul 1 by

Wrath of the White Tigress is now available on Amazon! Read a sample on Kindle for the Web! He thought he was a hero. She showed him the truth. Now he’ll do anything to stop...


The White Tigress Comes For You!

Posted on Jun 25 by

Galactus would never select me. I’m a terrible herald. Norrin Radd I am not, though I, too, seek Shalla-Bal. I have been sitting on important news, failing to alert you,...


Storms, Stories, and Typewriters

Posted on Jun 23 by

The power went out here after a storm yesterday afternoon. A small storm. We live deep in the woods. Lots of places where a tree could strike the lines along the way. We were...