David Alastair Hayden

author of heroic fantasy adventure novels for adults and young readers
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Haydenverse Update

Posted on Feb 7 by

Dear Readers, I wanted to update you all on the state of things in the Haydenverse. In 2013, I launched two novels and one novelette: Chains of a Dark Goddess, The Forbidden...


The Storm Dragon’s Heart

Posted on Jul 7 by

  Book 1 Turesobei dreamed of adventure, a way to prove he was no longer a child. Wizards should be careful what they wish for. Destined to become his clan’s...


Episode 1

Posted on Jul 6 by

The Shadowed Manse Abandoned by his family, Trapped in a house of shadows, Destined for more than 7th grade math. Arthur Paladin doesn’t fit in. Not at home with the...


Perfect Clone

Posted on Jul 6 by

It’s never easy to see your ex-husband again, especially when there’s more than one of him. With Sadie’s research Steven did the impossible and shocked the...


Gadda Bisby’s Grail

Posted on Jul 6 by

Legend says that the Grail only reveals itself to those who are worthy. But what makes someone worthy? A tale of pain and redemption in the Deep...