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author of heroic fantasy adventure novels for adults and young readers
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My Top Six “Systems” for Writing

Posted on Jun 18 by

I’ve been thinking, like I do, about the machines, operating systems, apps, methods, and places I’ve written. It occurred to me that I’ve been writing seriously...


The Shadowed Manse Sample

Posted on Mar 29 by

Chapter One Slinging Pre-Algebra Books   Arthur Paladin was about to be flung across the universe, but as far as he could see, his life was going nowhere. And it was going to...


Haydenverse Update

Posted on Feb 7 by

Dear Readers, I wanted to update you all on the state of things in the Haydenverse. In 2013, I launched two novels and one novelette: Chains of a Dark Goddess, The Forbidden...


The Storm Dragon’s Heart

Posted on Jul 7 by

  Book 1 Turesobei dreamed of adventure, a way to prove he was no longer a child. Wizards should be careful what they wish for. Destined to become his clan’s...


Episode 1

Posted on Jul 6 by

The Shadowed Manse Abandoned by his family, Trapped in a house of shadows, Destined for more than 7th grade math. Arthur Paladin doesn’t fit in. Not at home with the...